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We exist for you, providing bespoke business and lead generation for financial advisers.  To help you grow your business and obtain more clients.  Contact us with any questions, inquiries or business proposals.

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  • Can I refer myself and get paid for it?
    No. You cannot refer yourself.
  • When do I get paid after referring someone to you?
    Once your referral becomes a client of ours, you are eligible to get paid.
  • Can I refer multiple people?
    Yes, there is no limit to how many people you can refer to us.
  • Can I refer my own business or the company I work for and get paid for it?
    No. You can however, refer your colleagues.
  • Do you reuse data?
    No. Our services are bespoke to each client and consists of entirely new data.
  • Will I be locked into a contract?
    No. Our plans run month to month and can be cancelled at any time. This means that we share the risk with you. If we do not perform, you can cancel. It's in our own interest to ensure that we do perform which will help us retain you as a client
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. The service is billed to you in advance on a monthly basis and is non-refundable. There will be no refunds or credits for partial months of service, or refunds for months unused with an open account. In order to treat everyone equally, no exceptions will be made.
  • Do you guarantee leads in the lead generation service?
    No, there is no such thing as guarantees, especially when you are dealing with human psychology. If you come across anyone that guarantees leads and promises the world, you should be extremely careful. We would love to say every campaign is extremely effective however, that is not the reality. Because of this, we insist on running analysis and optimisation phases throughout the duration of live campaigns. We have a lot of experience managing campaigns for our clients across a wide variety of areas within the financial services sector therefore, we know how best to deliver results for our clients.
  • Will you be able to get everyone's mobile number?
    No. The contact details of some people are hard to find which may be intentionally or not. Having said that, we would use multiple channels to increase our chances of gaining the contact information you require.
  • Can I change my targeted audience at any time?
    You can change your audience however, changes will not take effect until the new month starts. The reason for this is simply due to planning and preparation for the campaigns as well as ensuring your capital is spent wisely and efficiently.
  • Can I have more than one service running at the same time?
    Yes. You can have multiple different Lead Generation plans running at the same time. You can even have Data Enrichment, Lead Generation, and Data Digging running at the same time.
  • Do you offer plans that cost more compared to what is on the pricing page?
    Yes. Our plans on the website are the standard plans we offer however, we do have many clients that prefer to utilise a higher spending budget per month to target a wider audience, or a smaller audience more effectively.
  • Can I start with a lower amount compared to what is on the pricing plans?
    In short, no. The reason is quite simple, you get what you pay for. Running a lead generation campaign that includes the graphic design, analysis, and optimisation on a budget that is less than £999.99 (our cheapest plan), generally won't provide the results you want. Having a smaller budget would result in a smaller amount of capital being used to target your ideal audience.
  • Would I be locked into a contract?
    No. Our plans run month to month and can be cancelled at any time. This means that we share the risk with you. If we do not perform, you can cancel. It is in our interest to ensure that we perform, which will help us retain you as a client
  • How accurate is your Data Digging service?
    Our team will only adhere to your target audience guidelines. If the prospects do not match the criteria, they will not qualify and will not be considered. Following that, our Data Enrichment service has an accuracy of over 80%, with many users reporting accuracy levels of up to 95%.
  • Is your Data Enrichment service aligned with GDPR and CCPA requirements?
    Yes, our data is fully committed and aligned to the GDPR & CCPA requirements.
  • How accurate is your Data Enrichment Service?
    Our Data Enrichment service has over 80% accuracy, with many users reporting accuracy levels of up to 95%.
  • How quickly will I see results from Social Lead Generation?
    You should start to see results from your Social Lead Generation campaigns within a few days of going live if not the same day. Having said that, we will continue to monitor the lead generation campaigns while they are live to analyse and obtain an accurate measure of impressions, clicks, and conversions to have a good idea of the effectiveness of your campaigns. This allows us to make informed decisions on what to change and why.
  • Does Social Lead Generation really work?
    Yes, Social ads work, but it often depends on the target audience, spending budget, and your goals. We can ensure you have the right goals for your ads and that you are measuring performance in the right way. If you get it right, then Social ads using Facebook and Instagram can provide some of the most effective targeted and lowest cost per click advertising. Social ads using LinkedIn generally cost more per lead, however, they tend to have an increase in quality.
  • Is there a benefit for choosing Google over Social Lead Generation?
    If you value quality over quantity, Yes! Google Lead Generation allows us to get in front of your target audience while as they look for your services. Social Lead Generation targets an audience that matches your criteria.
  • How long should I run my Social Lead Generation campaigns for?
    There is no set time for the length of an ad campaign and you should really run your Social Lead Generation ads as long as they are performing at the rate you want. Having said that, to gain an accurate measurement of how your target audience response to ads, you should aim for at least 3 months of live and uninterrupted campaigns. If your ads are still converting well, then it may be worth while to continue running the same ad, but a drop off in not only leads generated but also clicks, reach, etc could warrant a change to the ads. This is something that we continuously monitor and make adjustments to avoid. Without changing your ads periodically, your campaigns could start suffering 'ad fatigue' as your audience will see the same ad repeatedly.
  • Is Social Lead Generation value for money?
    Social Lead Generation using Facebook and Instagram is one of the cheapest forms of lead generation. Without a massive budget you can still reach thousands of people. Social Lead Generation using Facebook and Instagram is a lot more cost effective than other forms of lead generation LinkedIn lead generation or Google lead generation. The downside to Social Lead Generation using Facebook and Instagram in comparison to LinkedIn and Google Lead Generation lies with the quality of leads. As the cost per lead for Social Lead Generation using Facebook and Instagram is typically lower, the quality may also be lower.
  • How do you monitor my lead generation campaigns?
    We monitor the performance of your lead generation campaigns, creating variations to test which works best. We pause the underperforming lead generation campaigns or make changes that can impact your return on ad spend (ROAS) to deliver you the best possible results. A longer lead generation campaign duration allows us to run multiple tests to identify the best images, headlines, main text, forms, even down to the button colours. Therefore, the longer lead generation campaigns run for, the better the results tend to be both in quality and quantity.
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